3 Reasons to Manage Your Content and Processes in One Place

Poor process automation and lost documents cause delays in the processes that can drive risky workarounds that not only affect customers but are costly and potentially criminal. Business content creates benefits only if you use it in the right context and in the right business processes. Managing business content and processes in one place can help improve productivity, turnaround times, efficiency within your business and the way you work daily.

Here are 3 key reasons of many others, why migrating to one system will improve your business.

Information can flow seamlessly

In today’s connected world, extending collaboration beyond the corporate boundaries is essential. A typical business process requires all the related documents, aggregates and orchestrates all the data, relevant rules, policies and discussion threads that are relevant to that specific process. It’s vital to enable business content and data to flow seamlessly among your staff, vendors and customers as well as between devices, such as laptop/desktop and tablets or mobiles, with smart mobility.

Managing all your data and processes all in one place will make day-to-day work easier for you and your staff. It also means that when documents and information are updated, they will be updated across the board and everyone will have access to the latest version. Having access to up-to-date documents instantly means your business will continue to run at a high-efficiency rate, and all your employees will be working from the latest documentation using up to date processes.

Having data on multiple systems can cause a duplication in processes and documents, which will result in tasks taking longer than required and can lead to confusion within teams. However, when all data is consolidated into one system, you will be able to gain control and insights into all processes and documents. This will then enable the business to speed up and optimise processes that are bulky and not cost-effective, therefore improving business performance.

Reduce the time on daily tasks

Reducing the time that is spent on daily tasks will always increase profitability. Time management and organisation skills are key. Therefore, managing all your processes and content in one system will only increase productivity, efficiency, and turnaround times. A single repository for content and processes provides the right information in the context, to support and guide its users and enables them to effectively execute processes, handle exceptions and make better business decisions overall.

With your whole team using the same system, you will be able to monitor and gain real-time insights of processes and workload. This will help you examine and pinpoint possible trends and investigate where you can improve areas of your business.

As well as increasing profitability, having a central repository to manage your content and processes will also increase customer satisfaction. This is because your employees will be able to spend more time focusing on larger tasks rather than using important time trying to access data or working on repetitive daily tasks that can be automated or streamlined. Using one system means all data will be loaded and accessed in one place, therefore streamlining the processes of all team members, and saving time for more important tasks.

Share documents with authorised personnel

If you work with outside clients, having all your work in one controlled system enables you to easily share data with clients that have been authorised. This eliminates the process of having to export, download and attach documents to emails where they can frequently be misplaced, or unable to be located. Not only will it reduce the number of emails, but it will also enable you to connect with your clients both faster and easier and it makes work more streamlined by eliminating duplicate documents and data. Managing content in one place also means all stakeholders from all invested parties will see the most recent updates and up to date documentation related to the project in question.

As well as sharing documents with authorised personnel you can also track users throughout the central system, which will enable you to see what stages projects are at and who is working on the project at any moment. Being able to share and collaborate on these documents with outside personnel means you can make amends and discuss changes in real-time together, in addition, this will also enable you to realise bigger goals between yourselves and your customers and how to improve.

There are multiple benefits to managing all data through one management system, mainly increasing profitability, productiveness, and customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions on how to start the process of moving your data into one system or how it can help your business, feel free to get in contact and we will be more than happy to assist.

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