Aroma Bursa Fruit Juices and Food Industry Inc. is Moving Its Processes to the Digital Realm with PaperWork BPM

Aroma Bursa Fruit Juices and Food Industry Inc., one of Turkiye’s oldest institutions in fruit juice production, is moving its processes to the digital realm with PaperWork BPM integrated with LOGO Tiger 3 Enterprise application.

All processes, including procurement, finance, quality and HR processes, will be managed by PaperWork BPM integrated with LOGO Tiger 3 Enterprise. Processes will be tracked electronically through mobile and web forms, eliminating paper forms. Process and personnel efficiency can be easily monitored.

Aroma’s technical team plans to adapt the processes themselves after completing their training at Owl Training Academy.

The institution will carry out its paperless office transformation with the PaperWork BPM platform. With our Logo® integration plugin (Connector), PaperWork BPM can send and receive data to and from Logo® without writing any code. With this ready-made module, all functions in Logo® can easily be matched with the data in PaperWork BPM’s electronic form.

PaperWork BPM works in conjunction with PaperWork Content Management (Document Management). As a result, documents collected during the processes will be automatically archived in document management. The institutional memory will start to form spontaneously.

Both processes and documents will be managed by a single system.

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