Dalgakıran Kompresör has Chosen PaperWork BPM as Their Digital Platform

Dalgakıran Kompresör, one of Turkiye’s long-standing industrial organisations, has chosen PaperWork BPM as their digital platform in line with the understanding of “the need for digitalisation in all processes and workflows”.

With form and process design solutions, workflows can easily be revised and made more efficient within a multifunctional structure. With our ready-to-use SAP connector, processes will exchange data with SAP without the need for code integration. Dalgakıran Compressor’s experienced technical team, who attended our free training sessions at Owl Training Academy, will adapt processes to the digital system. All printed resources in the business and organisational workflow will be archived and managed on PaperWork BPM. The management of dispatch and control between functions will be facilitated, and traceability will be improved. The transfer of corporate memory to the digital environment will be ensured.

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