We Improved Customer Service Operations by 78% with SAP and PaperWorkBPM Integration

About Enerya

Enerya is the largest private natural gas distribution company in Turkey, founded by STFA Group in 2003. Since 2014, Swiss Partners Group holds 30% of its shares. Apart from natural gas distribution, the company is also active in gas and power trading businesses and having ongoing investments in renewable energy generation.

Enerya operates as a natural gas distributor and services provider in 11 cities across Turkey. Enerya is one of the leading actors in the Turkish energy market with a dynamic and strong structure and high growth rate. Enerya aims to strengthen its position in existing markets while continuing to offer its contribution to neighbour countries, with investment and consultancy services in natural gas.

Enerya has over 1.000,000 subscribers in 11 cities and is active as one of Turkey’s top wholesale natural gas trading companies, as Enerya Gas Trade Co.


In recent years, with the change of corporate strategy and culture, digital transformation became a top priority initiative aligned with organisational goals. We started implementing SAP ERP four years ago as part of this new strategy.

As our processes become mature during the transition period, optimisation and efficiency of the processes become more and more critical.  We identified that managing digital and paper documents along with the workflows supporting SAP processes also a vital issue to have optimised business processes. The need for a content management system that is easy to use within the context of the business processes, which ultimately going to give us a 360-degree view of corporate operations become inevitable.

We did a very detailed evaluation of all available vendors and products for a year. Our most important criteria were to have a platform that fully integrated with SAP for document management and process management.

With this project, our goal was to implement a system that supports SAP ERP processes with the ability to design, execute and manage workflows that are not in the SAP. We also have heavy document traffic among the process stakeholders, including business units and customers. Managing this heavy document traffic along with the workflows, was a critical selection criterion during the evaluation process. We are operating in a highly regulated industry. Therefore, process, data and document security have crucial importance for any system we use.

We choose to work with PaperWorkBPM because of flawless integration capabilities. One of our top selection criteria was the seamless integration abilities of PaperWorkBPM platform with our SAP system. PaperWorkBPM also provided us with the best document security, encryption and compression features to meet our expectations. The user experience of the platform, project management methodology and support were also the key differentiators that gave us confidence in selecting PaperWorkBPM platform.


We discussed our priorities and project plan with Enerya project team and created a 3-year project plan. We decided to pick low hanging fruits first to gain the support of the users and management as part of the change management strategy. We wanted to give them the confidence to implement more sophisticated processes in the future. We started with the implementation of Vendor Evaluation and Procurement Proposal Evaluation processes as a quick win. We designed and deployed these two processes in eight weeks.

We integrated Active Directory and SAP HR module with PaperWorkBPM to manage user authentication and synchronise user information. As a result, we no longer need to worry about user authentication, credentials, roles and other information as they move within the company or as they come and go.

We discussed our priorities and project plan with GGSoft project team and created a 3-year project plan. We decided to pick low hanging fruits first to gain the support of our users and management and give them the confidence to go for more sophisticated processes in the future. We started with the implementation of Vendor Evaluation and Proposal Evaluation processes as a quick win. We implemented these two processes in two months and rolled them out.

In the meantime, we also started a project to digitalise paper documents which were kept in our geographically dispersed remote locations and ingest them into PaperWorkBPM document repository. SAP users now can access documents that are in the PaperWorkBPM repository within the SAP user interface. SAP users now also can scan or upload documents into PaperWorkBPM repository within the SAP user interface. As a result, we cut customer service processing time at the counter by %78 by integrating PaperWorkBPM with our SAP system.

We have a lot of remote offices, and we needed to manage correspondence among them, with customers and with the regulatory authorities. Communication with regulatory authorities must go through a review workflow involving headquarter regardless of which region it is related. And regulatory and customer communications has a policy, including data protection, to be followed, set and enforced by the regulatory body. We have implemented a correspondence management workflow to take control of our communication among remote locations, headquarters and regulatory authorities in line with the internal policies and industry regulations.

PaperWorkBPM has a user-friendly interface which requires almost no training. We achieved user orientation by little to no training in a short time. Having or selecting a great product is not enough to deliver successful results. Successful projects require an experienced, dedicated and result oriented team behind it. We can genuinely say that PaperWorkBPM team is now a strategic partner for our mission-critical projects and an integral part of our internal project teams.

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