“With PaperWorkBPM, We Proactively Manage Our Procurement Budget”

Business Challenge

“We started a digital transformation initiative aiming to be a ‘process-oriented company’” explains Ergin Guler, Information Systems Manager at KPMG Turkey. “Supporting this initiative with technological infrastructure was vital for its sustainability. We identified a need for a process and document management platform.”

KPMG Turkey didn’t have a platform to manage and control the procurement process. Requisitions were recorded and processed in different systems, and approvals usually have given by e-mails. Budget controls have relied on periodic reporting, which made budget control a challenging task.

Digital Transformation Story

“We started working with PaperWorkBPM in 2015 by analysing existing procurement processes. We were well aware of the importance of analysing the process as a whole”, Guler recalls. “We didn’t want to move the existing process onto a digital platform as it is. We wanted to identify the best practices in the existing process and eliminate steps that didn’t provide value. We wanted a more simple and manageable digital process on PaperWorkBPM. We worked with PaperWorkBPM consultants to analyse the as-is process and design the to-be process. It took us only six months to go-live, from project start to execution.”

He continues, adding: “Procurement was not the only process in our digital transformation agenda. We currently have contract, task and meeting management process on PaperWorkBPM platform. PaperWorkBPM’s unified process and document management architecture, flexible, extensible and easy process design features were some of the reasons behind our choice. We worked in great harmony with PaperWorkBPM project team. They were very responsive during and after the project. They still are. They gave us different perspectives and solution alternatives to our problems during the project.”

KPMG Turkey procurement process consists of seven workflows, starting from requisition to receipt of goods or services. Upon receipt of items, PaperWorkBPM integrates with the local ERP system for invoice and payment processing. Ad-hoc and in-budget requisitions go through different workflows and approval processes, allowing KPMG to monitor and control its procurement budget proactively.

“With PaperWorkBPM, KPMG Turkey had a digital procurement process handling both simple and complex, multi-year requisitions, all tightly integrated with the budget and the ERP system” explains Selcuk Kalafat, senior project manager for PaperWorkBPM. “Our PaperWorkBPM solution team works closely with our costumers to deliver effective solutions to their problems. Our support team provides exceptional service to our customers. Combined with the KPMS’s process design expertise, diligent efforts of our teams created a unique procurement process tightly integrated with procurement budget.”

Guler concludes, adding: “Thanks to PaperWorkBPM, as we can make a budget check before processing procurement requests, we don’t monitor and report out procurement budget, we actually and proactively manage it.”

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