All License Documents of Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals will be Archived and Managed Electronically with PaperWork BPM

The company has numerous documents related to drugs, particularly in the license department. With this system, access to license documents and the time spent on document-related processes will be significantly reduced. MS Office documents related to licenses and e-mail correspondences with institutions will be centrally archived on PaperWork BPM. We will provide a service bureau service where license documents in folders will be scanned and archived in PaperWork BPM. The confidentiality of the documents will also be ensured with PaperWork BPM’s advanced authorization infrastructure. At the same time, all correspondence with the Ministry of Health and institutions regarding drugs will be archived on PaperWork BPM as an attachment to the relevant license document.

Products and Services Used:

  • PaperWork application
  • Service bureau service.

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