BioFarma Pharmaceuticals has Been Using the PaperWork BPM Document Management System Since 2010

BioFarma Pharmaceuticals has been using the PaperWork BPM document management system since 2010 to archive and manage all documents produced throughout the organization in electronic format. Archiving and authorized sharing of license documents, which undergo constant processing, has increased efficiency. The time to access contract documents has decreased with electronic archiving, and information sharing throughout the organization has become even easier.

Starting in 2020, BioFarma Pharmaceuticals decided to bring the same efficiency and organization it gained from the PaperWork BPM document management system to its workflow with the PaperWork BPM platform. The SAP connector of PaperWork BPM will enable data exchange with the SAP system without coding. Some workflows will be transferred to the system, thereby easing the burden on the SAP system. BioFarma’s technical team, which will attend our free applied training courses at Owl Training Academy, will design the workflows themselves. The fact that PaperWork has experienced consultants in the pharmaceutical industry played a significant role in BioFarma’s selection of PaperWork BPM.

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