Ankutsan Inc. will Carry out the Digital Transformation of Its Processes with the PaperWork BPM Platform

Ankutsan Inc. one of Turkiye’s industrial giants, will carry out the digital transformation of its processes with the PaperWork BPM platform.

Processes that are currently tracked via e-mail, paper, and excel will be digitized with PaperWork BPM. Completion times, problem areas, and individual performances will be monitored in real-time by the system.

Form and process design tools will make it easy to revise and streamline processes for improved efficiency. With our ready-made SAP connector, processes will be able to data exchange with SAP without the need for coding. Ankutsan’s experienced technical team, who will attend our free training courses at Owl Training Academy, will adapt the processes themselves. Documents will also be centrally archived and managed on PaperWork BPM. This will establish a corporate memory.

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