Patient Records Archive of Istanbul Education and Research Hospital to be Managed Electronically with PaperWork BPM

The hospital has decided to use PaperWork BPM, which is the most experienced solution for patient record archiving in Turkiye. The project, led by the system integrator EML, includes the PaperWork BPM application provided by PaperWork BPM and scanning services provided by EML. At the end of the project, the patient records archive, which is approximately 20,000,000 pages, will be transferred to the electronic environment.

Patient records archived on PaperWork BPM will be shared with more than 1000 users within the authorized limits. This project aims to increase hospital efficiency.

Healthcare personnel can quickly access all documents in the patient record, within their permissions, from a single center via the computer system on PaperWork BPM. Since there is no longer a need for delivering and collecting patient records from sections, time is saved and faster service can be provided to patients. Operation costs are reduced.

As healthcare professionals, time is your most valuable resource, and if not used correctly, it can increase your business costs. PaperWork BPM ArchiMed’s “full-text search feature” enables advanced query modules to search for any document using any word, group of words, and mathematical functions in incoming and outgoing faxes, all types of computer-generated documents, and physical documents from other sources, allowing you to quickly find the documents you need. It prevents you from wasting time while searching for documents and creates more time for your business.

Used Applications and Services
Paperwork BPM application server
OCR server
LDAP Integration
System Integration and Service Bureau services are provided by EML Electronic Systems.

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