Otokoç Otomotiv Chose PaperWork BPM Solution to Manage Millions of Documents

Having adopted the principle of ‘unconditional customer satisfaction’ since its establishment, Otokoç Otomotiv began managing all its documents in a single centre by collecting all the documents from all over Turkiye with PaperWork BPM.

Otokoç Otomotiv, the first investment of Koç Holding in the automotive sector, meets all the vehicle needs of commercial and individual customers with its Avis, Budget, Birmot and Otokoç brands scattered all over Turkey. The company, which needed digital transformation at these points, entrusted all its documents to the PaperWork solution offered by PaperWork BPM. Onur Özatalay, Information Processing Manager of Otokoç Automotive, said, “Especially under the Avis and Budget brands, we have a lot of documents for car rental services. We felt the need to store these documents that arise both domestically and abroad in the electronic environment.”

“13 thousand vehicle documents are always at our fingertips”

“We were always looking for a way to access the documents produced by thousands of transactions”, said Özatalay, stating that they had requested the centralisation of the documents. The Information Processing Manager, saying that the documents could not be preserved in smaller offices such as airports, said, “In such offices, the presence of documents in the digital environment gains even more importance due to space, time and cost disadvantages. The dispersed geography of an approximately thousand-person team was increasing our difficulties”.

Rukiye Yılmaz, Accounting Manager of Otokoç Car Rental Services, spoke of the intensity in the car rental area where the company provides services. Stressing the importance of sending the documents to the banks after payments have been made, Yılmaz said, “As traffic fines are automatically collected from car renters, we need to show them the reasons with documents. Before the PaperWork BPM solution, it was very difficult to manage the operation among 13 thousand vehicle information for traffic policies or driver’s license when needed.”

Access to all documents anytime, anywhere

Through the project undertaken by PaperWork BPM with the support of KoçSistem, all documents are coming to the centre and being scanned by the PaperWork BPM team and transferred to a digital environment. Thanks to the PaperWork BPM software, authorised access is provided to all employees for as much as they need and access to all documents is provided from any environment. With the PaperWork BPM platform, management of approximately 2.5 million pages and 300 thousand documents is provided, while Avis and Budget office employees located in different parts of Turkiye only need a web browser to access all these documents.

Both customer satisfaction and employee motivation have increased

Rukiye Yılmaz summarised the benefits of their processes as follows: “Now it has become very easy to retrieve digital documents from both the central and any desired office when needed. With PaperWork BPM, both the loss of manpower and customer satisfaction has been prevented. Time spent going to the archives has been eliminated. This has also increased the motivation and productivity of the employees.”

 “As it was in Turkish, users adapted easily.” *

Onur Özatalay, who expressed that the risk of disappearance was eliminated with the transfer of documents to the center, emphasised that PaperWork BPM provided physical space and cost savings and added: “Employees in the offices can access PaperWork BPM outputs in ERP programs. At the center, digital notes can be taken on documents, changes can be made if necessary. Since it is in Turkish, employees have been able to adapt easily. Thanks to the integration that was realized in a very short time, the dependence of employees on the IT team was also greatly reduced.” Seval Okur, Manager of PaperWork BPM Professional Services, said that they received support from each unit, from the management team of Otokoç Otomotiv, during the installation of the document management system, and added: “With the right project design, all operational processes have been reduced. Otokoç Otomotiv’s ownership of this process greatly increased efficiency. Since PaperWork BPM is a easily adaptable solution, the project was realised in a short time.”

Otokoç Otomotiv’s Information Processing Manager Onur Özatalay: “We quickly began using the PaperWork BPM software, working in great harmony with PaperWork BPM. The benefits we obtained from this process, both directly improved our business processes and lightened the workload of IT management.”

*PaperWork BPM is multilingual.

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