Uludağ Beverage, with Its History Spanning Over 100 Years, is Managing All Its Processes with the PaperWork BPM Platform

Primarily all human resources and Covid related workflows were transferred to the PaperWork BPM system. All process steps were tracked and measured. With the SAP Connector of PaperWork BPM, data exchange with SAP was done without writing any code. Integration and operational costs were reduced and the parametric system using Low-Code architecture enabled complex processes to be designed with minimum effort. Using PaperWork BPM’s form, workflow and report design tools, Uludağ designed workflows easily with drag and drop without depending on anyone. The workflow was planned in integration with SAP, thus relieving the SAP system. Also the operational costs of SAP were reduced.

Integrations were also made with other applications with PaperWork BPM’s advanced SDK and integration layer. Thus, all workflows, KPIs and SLA trackings on the system were started to be done instantly. New product development, campaign management and processes integrated with Robusta RPA virtual robot are also live. PaperWork BPM controls virtual workforce (RPA) and employees on the same process.

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